Construction contracts generally outline when and how contractors should notify parties about potential claims for additional compensation and/or time. These provisions are intended to provide project stakeholders with the information necessary to address unforeseen circumstances and streamline claim resolutions within the project rather than resorting to legal actions. However, in some cases, the contract provisions

Some economic indicators point to a recession in the not-too-distant future, and parties involved in construction projects should take steps to avoid (or perfect) liens and protect their rights if there is a downturn. The complexities of Oregon’s lien laws are best negotiated with the assistance of experienced counsel. In my inaugural article for the

In my latest Daily Journal of Commerce Construction column, I discuss the stop notice remedy. When a subcontractor or supplier goes unpaid on a private project, one possible remedy is to file a lien against the land or improvements. The lien remedy has its limits, however. If you start work after the project has gotten