Here is list of laws that may apply to projects in which the federal government is involved.

These reflections about government involvement are prompted by recent changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulations that give federal contractors an affirmative duty to disclose any “credible evidence” that comes to their attention of (a) the violation of certain

In an effort to stimulate the economy, federal and state government agencies are seeking to promote new construction projects. This trend of government involvement in construction projects is likely to continue. When the government is involved, it is important to know whether this involvement causes public contracting laws to apply.

Governmental involvement in a construction

For those readers interested in federal contracting and related labor issues, our colleague Dennis Westlind recently blogged about changes implemented by the Obama Administration. Those posts address the following topics:

Project Labor Agreements on Federally Funded Construction Projects
• Executive Orders Affecting Federal Contractors

Stay tuned for more changes as the new administration implements