Practical Law, a Thomson Reuters Company and division of West Publishing Corporation that produces online resources for attorneys across myriad legal topics, recently invited members of the Construction & Design Group of Stoel Rives’ Portland and Seattle offices to provide construction lien resources for Oregon and Washington.  According to Kate Kruk, Practical Law’s Content Acquisition Editor, “[s]erving as a Practical Law contributor showcases [Stoel Rives’] expertise and drives home [its] position as a legal thought-leader in the northwest.”

The resources, once published in the coming months, will afford attorneys practicing nationally and globally in law firms and corporate legal departments access to valuable online content to answer their respective questions about construction liens in Oregon and Washington.  Practical Law will employ unique formats to present the information in an easily readable manner and to aid attorneys’ access to critical information (e.g., required notices, deadlines, procedures, and notable cases) about construction lien claims in the two states.

The contributing authors for the Practical Law resources on construction lien claims in Oregon and Washington are Stoel Rives’ construction lawyers Kip Childs (from the Portland office) and Karl Oles and Bart Reed (both from the Seattle office).  The contributing attorneys value the opportunity to highlight the firm’s depth of experience and expertise regarding construction lien claims.

An additional notice and an announcement will be published on Stoel Rives’ Ahead of Schedule blog once Practical Law confirms the date of publication of the online construction lien resources.