In my latest Daily Journal of Commerce Construction column, I discuss generally the grounds for, and the potential consequences of, certification challenges on LEED-rated projects. As LEED-certified projects grow in popularity and abundance in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, all project participants need to know the basis for challenging LEED certification and the impacts arising from such challenges. In this regard, special attention should be given to taking proactive measures during contract formation/negotiation to ensure that rights and responsibilities are properly defined and risks are appropriately allocated. This link will provide a summary of issues that project owners, designers and contractors should consider when entering into LEED or “green” design and construction contracts. This summary does not address all aspects of each particular issue, and other concerns may arise depending on the circumstances of a particular LEED project.

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Are LEED certification challenges on the horizon?” was published October 18, 2013. Also published by Idaho Business Journal, Nov. 4, 2013