Photo of Guy Randles

Guy Randles is a retired partner of the firm’s Construction and Design section and Development Law group. With extensive contract negotiation, claims, litigation, and mediation experience, Guy concentrated his practice principally on construction, design and public procurement matters and those companies involved with the construction and design industry. Guy successfully represented a full range of clients in major development projects throughout the geographic area. Guy was also in much demand as a mediator and arbitrator to resolve third party disputes. A native Portlander, Guy was active in numerous bar and community activities.

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My partner, Scott Kaplan,  discusses the recent Oregon Court of Appeals in FountainCourt Homeowners’ Ass’n v. FountainCourt Development, LLC case in the Daily Journal of Commerce.  On August 6, the Oregon Court of Appearls, handed down a decision making clear that standard form liability insurance policies cover construction defect claims so long any

In my latest Daily Journal of Commerce Construction column, I discuss one of the hottest issues in private contract negotiations currently  is the question of limitation of liability (LOL) clauses. Owners understandably want recourse for their damages in the event of substandard performance by their contractors and design professionals. Just as understandably, contractors and design professionals want

In my latest Daily Journal of Commerce Construction column, I discuss the recent rash of cases involving the question of whether subcontractors are bound by the terms of a project’s prime construction contract. In many of these situations, subcontractors contend that their subcontracts give them rights, remedies or defenses against the prime contractor that the

In my recent article “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: The Human Condition Meets Construction Law,” published in the Daily Journal of Commerce, I outline the bizarre, seemingly impossible litigation matters of the Construction and Design business. The article touches on a variety of past cases, including an employee stabbing himself in the eye during