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Eric Skanchy primarily focuses on real estate and natural resource development matters, providing support and knowledge on development projects large and small across the Western United States. Working in the real estate, natural resource, and energy sectors, he advises clients on local, state, and federal rules and regulations.He has worked for a wide variety of clients, from major multi-national corporations to individual land owners, to assist them with the complex issues surrounding the allocation and development of real property and natural resources. Eric’s practice includes the review of agreements, title standards, statutes, and case law as they relate to client interests.

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The Poisoned Foreclosure – Lawyers Beware of the Affirmative Duty to Search Records

A Sacramento bankruptcy judge issued a hard hitting judgment against Bank of America for the way it handled a single residential foreclosure in Lincoln, California.  Referring to the famous novelist whose works evoke oppressive and nightmarish characteristics, Judge Klein wrote: “Franz Kafka lives… [and] he works at Bank of America.”  This ruling has been widely … Continue Reading

Brokers Beware: Acting as a Dual Agent Means Expanded Fiduciary Duties in California

It is well known that under California law a real estate broker may act as a “dual agent” for both the seller and the buyer in a property transaction, provided both parties consent to the arrangement after full disclosure. In such representation, a dual agent owes fiduciary duties to both buyer and seller.  Pursuant to … Continue Reading

Choice of Law Provisions Cannot Bypass California’s Prohibition on Jury Waivers

Last week, the California Court of Appeal ruled that a property owner was entitled to a jury trial in a dispute with a lender despite the fact that the loan agreement contained a jury waiver provision and a New York choice-of-law provision. The case involved the San Francisco apartment complex known as the Rincon Towers. … Continue Reading